Steel Scaffolding has now a days became the most popular, safe, fast and economical method used in construction industry. There are various different systems of scaffolding since inception. I would brief some of them over here.


Conventionally, BAMBOO system was introduce for the scaffolding purpose. The system was well running and still it is used at some sites in the market. There are many reasons for cut down of usage of this system. Now a days the construction has gone to peaks. There are many high rise buildings, so there this system has shown found little bit risky. And even government has also banned this system as scaffolding at their sites, only due to risk involved in it. Secondly it takes lot of time for erection & dismantling. Thirdly, the labour cost increases due more time. Fourthly, you required special labourers for erection & dismantling and Finally, on the whole in this system the safety norms are not covered much.


This system was designed in such a way that the problems faced in the above was eradicated due to its prefabrication of horizontal and vertical pipes. There are no clamps required to fix it up. Hence the risk factor is reduced a lot. Secondly, the erection speed is increased as less no. of pipes are to be fixed up rather than PIPES & COUPLERS. Thirdly, during special heights, this scaffolding erection becomes very much risky as the whole weight of H is heavy and it is difficult to fix it up at heights.


The latest and the best option available in the market is CUPLOCK system of scaffolding. It is the safest system of scaffolding at present. It is made out of 40 mm NB scaffolding pipes with special designed cups fabricated at every 500 mm to get optimum strength and support. CUPLOCK system is very versatile in erection & dismantling. You can erect in whatever pattern you want. The cuplock system can be erected in circular way also. The material here in this system in single pipes only, so it is very easy to transport, transfer and erect. It requires less space for storage, no loose members are there which gets misplaced, the locking system here is such designed that no chances of accidents. The life of scaffolding is very long. We can say it pays back in long run.


Cuplock scaffoding,"H" frames, Accessories like Fix, Swivel, Sleeve, Putlog, Staircase, Girder, Gogo, etc.., Joinpin, Spigot Pins, Base plates, Universal jacks, Stirrup head, Props, Spans, Forwork components & its accessories & Concrete hardwares like floor forms, Wall Forms, Soldiers, Tie rods, Weidge & clips, Single clips, and many more..